An Easy How To Start A Podcast Tutorial

Jacob Evans
May 6, 2020
Create Your Podcast in 5 Steps or Less
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The day has finally come! The Transformative Marketing Podcast is finally here. We have been building the hype and momentum for this launch all month. As a digital marketing company who prides themselves on putting out the BEST content possible we really wanted to make sure our podcast was top notch. In this article we are going to teach you the 5 steps we took to create a professional podcast. 

  1. Develop a Concept with Evergreen Potential

It’s one thing to hop on an audio recorder and have one great conversation! It’s a whole other to have that same great conversation over and over again with different people having different perspectives. Granted, there is probably a niche out there for just about any topic you could ever imagine, however, will you still feel passionate about your conversations 6 months or 6 years from now? Developing a concept for your show is no easy task, so make sure you are passionate and knowledgeable about your concept. Additionally, make sure you are willing to continue to learn about it! 

  1. Find Your Recording Platform

There are plenty of them out there. You could use zoom, skype, anchor, or even in person. There are endless possibilities and they only continue to grow. The goal here is to find a platform you enjoy using that is easy for you and your guests. Once you have the right platform all you have to do is hit record, and then take files to the next stage! 

  1. Edit Your Podcast

Now, this step can get as in depth as you want to go. We are perfectionists, admittedly, so our editing process is one that maintains the natural flow and genuine nature of the conversation while simultaneously eliminating any distractions or interference from the recording. For instance, if someone clicks a pen . . . We get rid of all of those sounds to really emphasize the conversation. However, we know several podcasts that go completely raw. They simply hit record and upload, and they are great! This is your chance to craft your voice, just remember to have fun! 

  1. Find Your Hosting 

Welcome to the hosting conundrum. There are hundreds of ways to host. All this means is, how will people find your podcast? Some recording platforms also serve as hosting platforms. This part is really dependent on your audience, your budget, and your desired reach. Do some research and figure out which hosting works best for your needs. In case you couldn’t tell, this is the one step you could cut out if you choose a recording platform that allows you to host as well. 

  1. Create Your Imagery and Fine Tune Your Messaging

Okay so, you have your podcast recorded, you are going to upload it and share with the world, now what? Well, make sure you have some imagery for your podcast and show brand. For instance, maybe it’s a picture of you, or a graphic. At any rate give your listeners something to remember you by. This is your opportunity to be as creative as you want! Just stay consistent with your messaging. 

If these tasks were helpful, we are glad we could help! Did some of these steps seem like something you would like assistance in tackling? GLX Consulting would be happy to help you tackle the project of bringing our podcast to life. In the meantime, check out our podcast here!

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