An Introduction to Social Media Campaigns

Stephen Mill
November 15, 2019
Social media campaigns can be frustrating and confusing, but here are a few tips on how to get started.
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Your first social media campaign can seem daunting at first, but there are a few ways you can keep it on track, and preserve your sanity.

Create the Plan Beforehand:

One of the most important first steps for any campaign is to solidify your message, goals, and the campaign’s personality. Often companies start a social media campaign without setting guidelines or ground rules. They end up not properly representing their interests. Take the time to research brands and companies that you admire - what are they doing well? Incorporate aspects of other successful campaigns, but avoid shamelessly ripping off content.


Be Patient:

A social media campaign will take time. Even if the return on investment seems low at first, stay the course. Continue to check the analytics regularly, and don’t get discouraged. There are almost always long incubation periods before social media campaigns become successful.

Deep Dive

Customers, analysts, and competitors will do a deep dive into social media platforms. If profiles are out of date, too personal, or not curated properly, there are often items that are embarrassing or contradictory to the brand. Another thing found in social media digging are opinions and perspectives that may have changed or become controversial. Past postings often don’t stand up to modern and progressive scrutiny. Depending on your strategy, it’s often a good idea to refrain from posting politically divisive or polarizing points of view. 

Don’t Forget LinkedIn

LinkedIn is often ignored, especially by small business owners, but it’s easy to create and is now a professional standard. LinkedIn’s functions are important for hiring employees, networking with other businesses, and staying up-to-date on best practices within your industry.


Separate Personal and Professional Profiles

We often see personal profiles being used for business. It’s frustrating to have to build a following for a new page or profile, but it’s necessary. A company deserves its own channels and feeds. Content from personal profiles often isn’t tailored to customers or potential clients, and dated personal photos reflect a lack of effort on social media. Having a family may be a key part of marketing to your demographic, but clients and customers don’t need to see a whole set of vacation photos from 2003.


Diversify Content Across Platforms

Different platforms demand unique structures for their posts, and also represent different followings and demographics. Having a generic post that is the same across all platforms often doesn’t perform as well as specializing them for each – and nothing looks worse than trying to tag an Instagram account with a different handle on Facebook.


Stay Current

Gen X, Millennials, and Zoomers are moving away from traditional social media platforms, like Facebook, and moving to new ones, like TikTok. Make sure you stay informed on what platforms are being used by younger demographics.


Experiment with Multiple Mediums

Blog posts, newsletters, and inspirational quotes are fine. But diversifying media means that people don’t just read your content, they watch, listen, touch and – maybe one day - taste it. Video blogs, podcasts, contests, giveaways, and cultural events means your brand inhabits more space and time. And once your posts are diversified, make sure they are consistent; a video a week, a podcast a month. Consistency not only reflects on the professionalism of the business but makes the content more accessible.


A social media campaign can do wonders for a business’ reach. However, a bad campaign can undermine the efforts of your team. If you are hiring someone to do social media, make sure it’s someone you can trust (shameless self-promotion, we can help you!). Someone who understands your company’s brand, strategies, demographics, and messages.

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