The Case for Content Marketing

Stephen Mill
October 23, 2019
It’s important. By creating quality content that provides value for consumers, your brand can separate itself from the competition.
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Content Marketing involves circulating useful, worthwhile brand-related material. Positive brand recognition is just one of the side effects. As content builds positive relationships with our consumers, it has the potential to evolve almost every facet of a successful campaign. Deeper engagement with a brand requires cultural transactions beyond the scope of a product or service. Successful content marketing infiltrates other areas of life, positively associating with brand values shared by subscribers. Here are a few ways in which it can transform a business:

Showcase Experience 

Valuable, educational content reflects a business as a worthwhile community with which to engage. The goal is to allow potential clients to gauge an organizations’ abilities. The challenges of any industry are daunting, and clients expect their fears to be mitigated. The level of competency expressed ensures that trust is well placed. Content is how clients are convinced that they will be properly guided through difficult phases. It provides them with all the information needed to make a decision, solidifying a business’ involvement with every step of the process.

Reflection and Connection

Content reflects an organization’s values, inviting consumers to share in them. It creates a resonant voice that people relate to and interact with. This allows organizations to connect with the context that surrounds them. Businesses become their own subculture with followers as opposed to customers or a client base. Reading rousing material elicits a sharing response. As a community grows and interacts with the material, they will invite others to engage. Here we have return on investment in the form of lead generation and earned positive public relations.

Create Comfortable Web Flow

On a website, there is an order in the way the copy and the content create fluid motion of the eye across the screen. Content creates momentum for visitors to scroll further into the site. Time spent onsite then increases as more users linger. Livening up pages with imagery and links creates a visually comfortable online space.

Consistency and Becoming Routine

Consistent content means staying on-screen. It’s an ongoing process that’s not established and forgotten. Strategic placement of content means introducing the brand into consumer’s daily habits, becoming a part of their routine. Nurturing brand relationships means staying constant and readily available. Consistency is reliability, and reliability reflects well onto content producers.

Content and Search Engine Optimization

Content also creates value by improving search engine optimization by widening the chances of ranking for target keywords in a search. SEO and content marketing can be tracked by metrics to understand which techniques are working. Metrics like traffic, subscribers, and engagement. Engagement mostly refers to content marketing, as it measures how valuable visitors find the content. Engagement is also a search engine indicator, meaning that the more the material is interacted with, the more search engines will evaluate the source as worthwhile, and the higher it will rank.  

Marketing in this way is becoming crucial for setting businesses and organizations apart from others. Consequently, lack of content is a clear disadvantage. The question is not whether content creation is affordable, but whether any business can afford not to.

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